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ADVOgroup, INC. will elevate your communication impact and redefine your organization’s communications landscape.

Public speaking doesn’t HAVE to be the the thing people fear almost as much as the fear of death. We believe public speaking is an OPPORTUNITY to share what you care deeply about and rebuild it in the mind of others, one discovery at a time.

Public Speaking







A boutique executive coaching, consulting and training firm that delivers principle-based behavioral development to elevate communication impact for individuals and organizations. ADVOgroup was founded by Greg Derelian and Peter Katona; Two actors with Master’s degrees from the Yale School of Drama, who were looking for a way to make an impact on the world. They have translated the most effective principles of performance into training programs designed to tackle the greatest communication challenges in the world of business.

Shift Perspectives

We believe that effective communication is the driving force that leads organizations and individuals to success. Kinection™ is the tool to get you there.  

Kinect With Us

Purpose. Presentation. Presence.

What do we deliver?

ADVOgroup delivers services under FOUR key product banners:
Organizational, Individual Training, Team Services and Assessment.

When organizations search for Executive Coaching in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York, ADVOgroup, INC. is the “finger on the pulse” solution leading companies to dominate their marketplace. It is Kinection™ that will be your edge. Our training and experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of human behavior and human connection. This expertise is at the core of all that we do.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Make the choice to engage in Kinection™

ADVOgroup services lead to higher productivity, employee retention, and the workforce happiness that will ensure your organizational, professional and personal success.

Shift Perspectives. Transform Experience™


Through our ʻKinetic Leadership™ʼ model, we offer the following dimensions of individual Leadership and Executive development solutions. “3Ps” results: Purpose. Presentation. Presence.


Small/Large Group Workshops Leadership and Executive development solutions. “3Ps” results:



Bridging the communications gap from three perspectives:


Middle- Level


ADVOgroup’s TRIADperspective™ approach enables us to deploy a tailored, “whole-istic” multi-perspective solution for our clients.


TRIADperspective™: 3 perspectives, infinite results

Our assessment model to leverage 3 key organizational perspectives into laser-focused tailored programing:

Breaking Down Barriers


What is your vision for success, and what will it take to activate and unify that vision company-wide?

Mid-Level Management

What are your greatest communication solutions as the individual or dept. placed in the middle of leadership and workforce expectations?


What communication strategies will result in your optimized productivity, retention and happiness?

If you could take one strategic step to optimize your company’s success, would you take it?

9 out of 10 CEOs believe communication is critical to the success of strategic initiatives, and another 1,400 CEOs overwhelmingly said that healthy corporate culture is essential for a company to thrive…So, If 20,000 HR professionals say that a “lack of face-to-face communication skills,” is a major concern when hiring new employees…then writing is on the wall:

Now is the time to ensure you and your organization are optimizing your entire communications landscape.

What is a communications landscape? It is the moment when expectations and efficiency meet. It is the moment you and your organization are unified through all communication channels. It is the process that unites action and success with Leadership vision. It is kinection™ through communication.

If you could tailor your company culture to align with and leverage the perspectives that drive your workforce to succeed, would you do it?

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How culture and unified messaging is the key to any sized business
How narrative is the strongest framework to communicate anything!